Our Sustainable Promise

The whole idea behind Dead Garden is to rebuild from the destruction that was left. Our core value as a brand is to take responsibility of our carbon footprint and the effect that the fast fashion industry leaves on our world. With that being said, we don’t take greenwashing lightly and are not just being green as a trend. We offset all of our carbon footprint from shipping, use a responsible made-to-order fulfillment center, and hand make all of our jewelry. We try to limit as much of our plastic as possible and recycle anything we need to. The amount of waste we will produce in the next estimated two years will be equal to how much waste is produced by the average person in just a month. Our packaging mailers are made from recycled plastic or biodegradable material depending on what you ordered. If there are any other ways we can create a more honest and sustainable future, feel free to email us at info@deadgarden.shop.